About Julietta

Julietta Fiscella, MD, CPE, FCAP is the Chief of Pathology at Highland Hospital.

Native St. Lucian who migrated to America in the 1970’s to seek out education and greater opportunities at the advice and guidance of her extremely impoverished parents. As a high school Caribbean graduate in the USA, there were not a lot of opportunities, except for minimum wage jobs. After a series of road blocks, she managed to graduate from college and subsequently medical school. Presently, she holds the title as Chief of Pathology at Highland Hospital.

As a pathologist, she diagnoses diseases on a cellular level. She is passionate about the etiology of disease and chronic illness, in particular, its manifestation and connection to improper or poor diets.

She has learned from her wise parents that good nutrition is the key to keeping our bodies healthy. She has developed a program that combines traditional medicine with nutrition. She conducts interactive cooking demonstrations to educate the public about how to prevent chronic disease by adopting good nutritional practices.

She is a self-taught clothing designer and seamstress, who loves the artistry of fabric and fashion. Her designs are inspired by her Caribbean roots and by her mother’s mastery of the profession.

She is also an inspirational speaker and leader whose messages provoke thought processes and change, in the many groups she has addressed. Her newly self-claimed title is Author of children’s books, inspired by her grandchildren. She loves animation and is totally committed to writing books that reflect a child’s perspective of the world.

She always believes that one should use all talents and vocations that are spiritually given to transform the world into a better place.