Perfect Portions for Thanksgiving Dinner

Ah! The turkey dinner we’ve waited all year for. Shopped for, labored over, and set out for family and friends. It’s finally time to sit down and enjoy it. So how do we save ourselves the guilt of over-eating?

Here are simple tips that will help you enjoy your dinner and not blow your diet.

Your stomach is no bigger than your hand but can stretch to accommodate the volume of food you add. The downside is that it will take an extremely long time to digest the excess and you’ll feel like a stuffed sausage in the meantime.

Stick with these perfect portions and you’ll be regret-free.

Turkey: Roughly the size of a chicken breast with a tablespoon of gravy on top.

Side dishes: 1/4 cup (slightly bigger than a golf ball) of mashed potatoes, yams, or sweet potatoes, macaroni, etc. Pro-tip: Load up on the green beans only if they’re steamed. If in a casserole or smothered in butter, stick with the 1/4 cup rule.

Desserts: Eat small slivers of pie because, let’s be real, no one should have to limit themselves to one flavor of pie. But remember, one-eighth of a pecan pie is about 500 calories and we know there will be apple and pumpkin pies as well.

If you need to, go back for seconds on the veggies, and remember to chew your food slowly before swallowing.

Be a mindful eater and enjoy your food!

Happy Thanksgiving!